Strawberries Marsala: Fragole al Marsala


It’s strawberry season!  I can’t resist those luscious sweet berries at the farmers market.  Strawberries Marsala is one of the easiest and quickest desserts to make.  In its simplest form, you can serve the strawberries in individual serving bowls.  You can guild the lily, so to speak, by embellishing with a little whip cream if you like.  These strawberries pair sinfully well with tiramisu or pound cake for dessert.  I also serve it as a strawberry sauce on top of French toast made with Italian bread when I have special guests over for breakfast.

Strawberries Marsala: Fragole al Marsala

Difficulty Rating: Easy
Makes 4 servings.

1 1/2 pounds fresh ripe strawberries (about 4 cups sliced or quartered)
1/4 cup sweet Marsala wine
3-4 Tablespoons sugar
1 Tablespoon fresh lemon juice
1 teaspoons grated lemon or orange zest

Wash strawberries, remove stems and quarter or slice.  Place into a medium bowl.  Stir in the Marsala, sugar, lemon juice, and lemon zest.  Let sit at room temperature 3 to 4 hours, stirring occasionally.  Serve in individual serving bowls.

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