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Latest Recipes

Primavera Vegetable Casserole

Primavera means spring in Italian.  Artichokes, peas, and asparagus are spring vegetables.  These popular vegetables are prepared individually and combined in various Italian dishes.  My friend Gerry was kind enough to share his Sicilian mother’s spring vegetable casserole recipe with me.  The original recipe inspired me to create this Primavera …

Sicilian Rice Timbale

A timballo or timbale as Sicilians call it, is a molded dish made of rice, pasta, or potatoes.  The timbale can be a layered concoction with cheese, vegetables, eggs, meat, and or poultry. Sometimes the filling is encased in a layer of pastry crust or thin fried eggplant slices.  It …

Orzo with Mushrooms

Although this recipe is not traditional Italian cuisine; this family favorite is a quick pasta dish that I created and wanted to share with you.  It has a deep, earthy mushroom flavor that I like, and it is easy to prepare.  Best of all it can be prepared in 30 …

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