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Two Chocolate Pignolata Messinese

Pignolata is a Sicilian pastry made of small fried balls of dough that are usually covered in a honey syrup. I will go as far as to say that strufoli, an Italian pastry that hails from Naples, is the same dish. The dish is kind of like sfinci, a type of doughnut (Sicilians call them […]

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Ice Cream Torte:  Cassata Gelato

Ice Cream Torte: Cassata Gelato

Cassata Gelato is a frozen dessert made with frozen custard (gelato ice cream) and whipped cream.  Real Cassata Gelato is a rare treat.  It requires making two to three different flavors of ice cream and is really labor intensive, unless you have a decent electric ice cream maker.  This simple version is made using store-bought […]

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