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Cracked Green Olives with Garlic and Parsley

The word schiaccate (scacciati in the Sicilian dialect) means crushed or smashed.  These flavorful green olives are cracked open before being marinated in a garlicky mixture with parsley, olive oil, and vinegar.  If you like garlic – you’ll love these olives.  You need to use green olives that are not pitted.  I like to throw […]

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Sicilian Marinated Olives

For Italians, olives are a crucial component of the antipasto (appetizer) dish.  Olive cunzate, in the Sicilian lingo, is a generic term for seasoned or marinated olives.  Green olives are usually processed in a brining solution and black olives are usually salted and oven-dried, similar to Moroccan olives.  This recipe is made using only brined […]

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