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Muscardini: Bones of the Dead Cookies

Bones of the Dead (Ossi di Morti in Italian) cookies are traditionally served on All Soul’s Day in Sicily.  They are given to children as a treat from departed loved ones.  They are also known as Muscardini.  These cookies are hard and brittle and do resemble bones.  However, I think they look like melted marshmallows. […]

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Nonna's Anginetti Cookies

Nonna’s Anginetti Cookies

Anginetti are basic Italian drop cookies made in households throughout southern Italy.  I swear that almost every Italian nonna (grandmother) makes these, including mine.  These soft, cake-like, vanilla cookies have a sugar glaze on top and are usually decorated with colored nonpareils.  This basic cookie can be made in a variety of flavors – anise, […]

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Sicilian PIstachio Cookies

Sicilian Pistachio Cookies

The town of Bronte in Sicily is famous for its flavorful and intense green colored pistachio nuts.  Ground Bronte pistachios contain no particles of their papery husks, unlike the domestic pistachio flour (also referred to as ground pistachios) I have purchased.  I use them for special occasions when I want to adorn cakes, pastries, or […]

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Sesame Seed Cookies: Biscotti Reginelle

The name of these cookies, Biscotti Reginelle or Biscotti Regina (Queen’s Cookies) implies that they are fit for a queen.  While humble in appearance they are in fact regal in flavor.  Let me just warn you that eating just one is not enough.  These are one of my favorite cookies and when I make them, […]

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Anisette Toast Biscotti

Biscotti is the Italian word for cookies.  There is nothing more heavenly to me than the combined aroma of espresso coffee Anisette Toast cookies.  It brings back memories of sitting at one of my favorite Italian bakeries – Pasticceria Rocco on Bleeker Street in New York.  But you don’t have to go to an Italian bakery […]

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