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Two Chocolate Pignolata Messinese

Pignolata is a Sicilian pastry made of small fried balls of dough that are usually covered in a honey syrup. I will go as far as to say that strufoli, an Italian pastry that hails from Naples, is the same dish. The dish is kind of like sfinci, a type of doughnut (Sicilians call them […]

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Italian Honey Balls: Pignolata

Pignolata or Struffoli is an Italian dessert that is popular (mostly in southern Italy) during Christmas and Carnevale.  Pignolata is typically made of little bite-size morsels of fried dough, covered with caramelized honey and topped with festive sprinkles and candied fruit.  Nuts are sometimes also added.  Another version from Messina is coated with chocolate and […]

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