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Sicilian Grilled Chicken with Ammogghiu Sauce

Warm weather is here, and that means it’s grilling time.  This zesty Sicilian grilling sauce for chicken is a favorite with the garlic lovers in my family.  All Sicilian families have their own ammogghiu recipes for grilling meats (read more on ammogghiu sauces).  This recipe was handed down from my grandmother Vincenza.  It requires very little […]

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Grilled Ribeye Steaks with Mint Ammogghiu Sauce

Ammogghiu is a Sicilian pesto-like sauce used as a grilling sauce, marinade, dipping sauce, and pasta sauce.  Garlic, olive oil, herbs, tomatoes, lemon, capers, and nuts are some common ingredients that go into the makings of this simple sauce.  Ammogghiu sauces are made using certain ingredients depending on the meat or dish being served.  If […]

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