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Sicilian Chocolate Spice Cookies: Tetú

Tetú are Sicilian chocolate spice cookies.  These cookies are outrageously dense with chocolate, spice and orange scented mouthfuls.  Depending on what part of Sicily you’re from, they are topped with either a chocolate, lemon, or vanilla glaze.  Tetú cookies are incredibly easy to make.  This is my mother Maria’s recipe.  Mom would use Nestlé’s Choco […]

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Anisette Toast Biscotti

Biscotti is the Italian word for cookies.  There is nothing more heavenly to me than the combined aroma of espresso coffee Anisette Toast cookies.  It brings back memories of sitting at one of my favorite Italian bakeries – Pasticceria Rocco on Bleeker Street in New York.  But you don’t have to go to an Italian bakery […]

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Almond Cookies: Viscotti di Mènnula

Almonds are widely grown throughout Italy and used extensively in Sicilian cuisine.  The City of Agrigento hosts the spectacular Almond Blossom Festival, held each year during the month of February, amongst the back drop of the ancient Greek ruins of the Valley of the Temples.  It’s a folkloric celebration of the almond blossom signifying the […]

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Cuccidati: Sicilian Fig Cookies

I guess if I had to pick one cookie that screamed out Sicilian Christmas tradition it would be Cuccidati, or fig cookies.  They are also called Buccellati, Cuddureddi, or—as our family calls them—Cosi di fico (loosely translated as fig things).  Almost every Sicilian eats these at Christmas.  Each family covets their own secret recipe.  This […]

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Cousin Pina’s Taralli Cookies

Growing up, Christmas time in our family was a time of celebrating and embracing our family, friends and food, and being thankful for what we had.  Christmas was more about the comradery of sharing the feast table with special foods that were only prepared for the occasion.  We didn’t have much, but I remember them […]

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