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Sicilian Grilled Breaded Swordfish: Swordfish all Palermitana

Most of the time when I grill swordfish, I simply coat it with olive oil and sprinkle it with some salt and pepper.  Sometimes I like to kick it up a notch and make swordfish Palermo style (alla Palermitana).  This is a very simple, tasty, and quick swordfish recipe.  The swordfish is first coated with […]

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Sicilian Pigs in a Blanket: Rollo con Wurstel

The rosticerria (rotisserie) is a popular snack-food eatery throughout Italy.  In Sicily, the word “rosticceria” refers to a place but also a type of cuisine.  Restaurants or bars offer a large array of finger foods such as pizzas, calzones, and other stuffed delicacies.  It’s the Italian version of fast food.  The Sicilian rosticceria (rosticceria Siciliana) […]

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Cracked Green Olives with Garlic and Parsley

The word schiaccate (scacciati in the Sicilian dialect) means crushed or smashed.  These flavorful green olives are cracked open before being marinated in a garlicky mixture with parsley, olive oil, and vinegar.  If you like garlic – you’ll love these olives.  You need to use green olives that are not pitted.  I like to throw […]

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Besciamella and Pistachio Pesto Lasagna

This is a lasagna recipe that I came up with.  It’s not your typical lasagna with tomato sauce.  It’s a creamy white lasagna made with a béchamel sauce (besciamella in Italian) and a pistachio pesto.  The pesto adds subtle flavor to the otherwise bland white sauce.  Mushrooms and pancetta add a little meatiness to the […]

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