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Ricotta Torte:  Torta di Ricotta

Ricotta Torte: Torta di Ricotta

Whenever I make a dish that has ricotta cheese in it, I reminisce about the time I lived in Sicily.  One evening we had a big gathering of friends and there was a shepherd making fresh ricotta from sheep’s milk in a huge cauldron over a wood fire.  The ricotta was truly sublime and it […]

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Anelletti al Forno: Baked Anelletti Pasta

Anelletti is a regional pasta shaped like little rings (anelli in Italian) that is popular in Sicily.  Anelletti al Forno (Baked Anelletti) is an awesome baked pasta dish layered with ham, pancetta, sautéed eggplant, grated cheese and mozzarella and made using two different sauces – a red (tomato based) meat sauce (ragu) and a white […]

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