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Italian Sausage with Potatoes, Onions, and Peppers

Italian Sausage with Potatoes, Peppers, and Onions

Here is a much easier way of making the traditional Italian sausage, peppers, and onions without having to fry them in a skillet.  You just throw everything together and cook it in the oven.  The potatoes make a wonderful addition.  Baking everything in the oven on a large baking sheet allows you to make a […]

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Roasted Onion Salad:  Insalata di Cipudda Arrustuta

Roasted Onion Salad: Insalata di Cipudda Arrustuta

Rarely do we think of onions as a suitable vegetable dish.  Most of us just use them to add flavoring to the foods we’re cooking.  The simple onion, when roasted, makes an interesting and surprising side dish.  Roasting the onions makes them sweet and mild.  You can also add almost any fresh herb of your […]

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Sicilian Chickpea Sandwiches: Pane e Panelle

Pane (bread) é Panelle is a popular snack food throughout Sicily, but especially Palermo.  These fritters made of chickpea flour are crispy, light, and flavorful.  Chickpea flour is high in protein and has a mild sweetness. They are traditionally served in soft rolls as a sandwich (panino); but they can also be served as an […]

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Fish Soup: Brodo di Pisci

This is my mother Maria’s signature dish.  I couldn’t post this recipe without mentioning her.  My kids loved this soup and couldn’t wait for her to visit so that she could make it. My dad was an avid saltwater fisherman and at times she would make this dish using Sea Robins (Gunard), considered a trash fish […]

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Sicilian Style Meat Sauce: Raú Siciliana

Here is recipe for a great basic meat sauce that is used in making lasagna or manicotti, or you can serve it over any cooked pasta you desire.  It is similar to a Bolognese sauce except the Sicilian version has peas in it.  That’s right, peas. It may seem unorthodox – I once had a […]

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