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Anancini: Stuffed Rice Balls

Arancini or Arancine means little oranges, which these savory filled rice balls are named after due to their resemblance. A popular snack food throughout Italy, they originated in Sicily and are said to be of Arab influence.  They are traditionally stuffed with a ragù meat filling, coated with breadcrumbs and deep-fried.  Chicken livers can also […]

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Muffuletta Bread: Pane Muffuletta

Many of you are familiar with the muffuletta sandwich made famous in New Orleans by Italian immigrants.  The muffuletta (or muffulettu) is also a type of Sicilian bread, the same one used to make the sandwich.  The bread is covered with sesame seeds and is crispy on the outside and soft and silky on the […]

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Grilled Ribeye Steaks with Mint Ammogghiu Sauce

Ammogghiu is a Sicilian pesto-like sauce used as a grilling sauce, marinade, dipping sauce, and pasta sauce.  Garlic, olive oil, herbs, tomatoes, lemon, capers, and nuts are some common ingredients that go into the makings of this simple sauce.  Ammogghiu sauces are made using certain ingredients depending on the meat or dish being served.  If […]

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Lentil Soup: Minestra di Lenticchie

Lentil Soup: Minestra Di Lenticchie

What could be better than a warm hearty bowl of lentil soup with some crusty French bread on a cold and rainy day?  Lentil soup is so easy to make and satisfying.  This is my mother’s basic recipe, sans the pancetta, which is my addition.  I have a debate going with one of my aunts […]

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Baked Sausage Mostaccioli

Most of the recipes I post are from my Sicilian friends and family.  Today I’m making one exception, my friend Jim McNeal’s recipe for baked mostaccioli.  Jim was so excited when he heard that I started this blog – he immediately offered his recipe to me.  It was such an honor that I couldn’t pass […]

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