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Cousin Pina’s Taralli Cookies

Growing up, Christmas time in our family was a time of celebrating and embracing our family, friends and food, and being thankful for what we had.  Christmas was more about the comradery of sharing the feast table with special foods that were only prepared for the occasion.  We didn’t have much, but I remember them […]

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Italian WeddingSoup_edited-1

Maria’s Brodo con Polpettini: Maria’s Italian Wedding Soup

I called my mom the other day to ask her what her plans are for Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately, she lives in New York and doesn’t like to travel, and I’m currently in California.  Somehow we got on the subject of turkey, or how we Sicilians prepare turkey, that is.  She tells me that when a couple […]

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Rice StuffingLG_edited-1

Nonna Vincenza’s Chestnut Rice Stuffing

The classic bread stuffing was not the norm in our family; I think mostly because no one really knew how to make it.  My sister-in-law once asked me if Italians stuffed their turkeys with pasta.  I’ve never met anyone who did, but I guess you can stuff a turkey with just about anything when you […]

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Sfincione: Sicilian Style Pizza

There is nothing better than a thick slice of authentic Sicilian pizza—just ask my kids.  Sicilian style pizza, or sfincione as we call it, has a thick crust and is similar to focaccia.  The crust is crispy on the outside but light, spongy, and soft inside, with a layer of tomato sauce and cheese on […]

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